I am woman, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. So many “titles” yet none completely tells the whole story of who I am. Nurturer, lover, healer, listener, truth teller, lover of Christ

How do our lives make any difference at all in the life of another? Let’s share our giftedness and change the world for good one act of love after another. Let us “pour ourselves out in gift” to a world thirsting for love.

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  1. Tonight I got the chance to pour myself out as a gift to another as I listened and shared my insights. I also lead the conversation about how God calls us all the time to a new and more exciting and fulfilling journey…do we entrust our futures to the Lord???? Thoughts?

    1. I truly believe that God does call us to do and be certain things in our life, but that many times that call falls on deaf ears. The world we live in is one of constant distraction- emails, texts, Facebook, DVR, movies, phone calls, iPods/Pads. The result of all this noise is that we are unable to truly hear the voice of God. He will not yell to make himself heard, but will wait for us to listen to His loving voice. And, He can wait a long time. He will always outlast us.

      I was thinking about this last night after Second Sunday and wondering why I had not felt “called” to anything in particular. I heard a number of examples from people who felt God had called them to do certain things or be a certain way and they fully embraced that call. You could see the joy in their faces and hear it in their voices.

      So, I had to ask myself some pretty hard questions. Am I truly listening to what God is trying to tell me? Is He calling me to something I dont really want to do? Are there so many distractions in my life that God’s voice is drowned out? Did I miss the call? Why can’t he just leave me a voicemail and tell me what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?

      I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do know that if I listen for that still, small voice that eventually I will hear it and He will lead me exactly where I need to go. I just have to turn everything else off first.

  2. Excellent thoughts Bridget. We all have to listen to be sure as I don’t believe we are called only once but so many times in our life. If we fail to listen God does not stop calling, but is ever reaching out.
    You are there on Sunday nights, you make a profound difference in the life of the teens, you have answered that invitation, and I believe there is more too as you have a yearning to learn and go deeper. Keep listening- make time for the silence and you will be moved towards something that will make so much sense that you will wonder how you never saw that before.
    As I said last night- God will take us to amazing places if we but let Him take the wheel and drive us to the adventures that await us. Openness and receptivity are key. Trust that what He has planned will bring you more joy than you can imagine. I will be praying for you as well.

  3. I read the mediation for today in the Magnificat and loved these reflections;

    “I preferred my suffering because I preferred my sin. The adolescent loves neither happiness nor peace…it takes a long time to learn to love God.”

    I see that this is so true in many of our youth and lost adults…and for all of us at one point in our lives or even at various points in our lives.

    Misery loves company, and misery prefers to remain in its sinfulness rather than seek the LIVING WATER that flows freely and without limit from the love of God. Why do we so often settle for the counterfeit rather than the real deal?

  4. Ms. Lishko, could you please reply to my e-mail address? I had a reprint request to make. Thank you. Praise the Lord!

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