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Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry

These five little unassuming words by St. Pio of Pietrelcina, (Padre Pio), are as simple as they are powerful!

Pray– God is waiting there beside you, closer than the very air you breathe. Speak, but learn to listen. Ask, but don’t be afraid to act. Trust and surrender, God is in control.

Hope-A light at the end of a tunnel so dim and far away that we don’t always wait for it. Or perhaps, so close and blinding that we ignore it. Never loose hope, because sometimes it really is darkest before the dawn. When hope wains, pray harder!

Don’t Worry-Seriously, don’t! Nothing comes of it. It is counterproductive, stressful, wastes time. When you begin to worry, repeat in your head as many times as you need to eradicate worry; Jesus I trust in you.  He said to say this, He usually means what He says!! Still worrying…go back to prayer.

In the end, it really IS that simple. We try to complicate things too many times. I have seen it work in my own life, yes even with really major things. We have so little control and we need to realize that. Everything is in God’s hands. Repeat after me, “Everything is in God’s hands and serves a purpose beyond our understanding.” A good purpose, a purpose for our good. If you don’t believe in God, then it must get pretty heavy out there all on your own. For that I am sorry. It doesn’t have to be. You need not go it alone in the small, temporal box you may exist in.

This life is but a journey and there is a destination not of this world. One greater than any of us can imagine and I’m going to place my wager there. If I am wrong, I have little to loose. But, if you are…..


Abundant Outpouring

“What can I do to help?” These words echoed again and again as news of my surgery rang through our Church, neighborhood, friends and family.

It is awkward being on this end of needing. I like being the giver. I am a Martha, and we like to be the do-ers. What I wanted more than anything tangible was prayers, and lots of them. I have learned from experience that prayer can work miracles and bring calm beyond human understanding. I didn’t freak when I got the news about the tumor, I didn’t scream and indict God, point fingers, or assign blame. Acceptance and calm pervaded my being all the way up until I lay on the operating table and slipped into la-la land. It was weird actually; I kept wondering when it would all “hit me.”

This is the supernatural gift that is the fruit of prayer; it pervades your being, grabs a hold and draws you into the tranquility and truth of trusting God. I imagined myself falling backwards into the waiting outstretched hands of the Father, where I knew I was safe…no matter what transpired. Even thoughts of death did not sever my serenity.

“No storm can shake my inmost calm when to that Rock I’m clinging,
if Love is Lord of heaven and earth,
how can I keep from singing.”

I do not write these words to brag or boast in myself, but only to give credit where it is due…God. Over and over we are reminded in Scripture; “Do not worry…” (Matt 6:25-31) “Have no anxiety at all… (Phil 4:6-7) “Do not worry about tomorrow… (Matt 6:34) “Cast all your worries upon Him… (1Pet5:7) “Anxiety in a man’s heart depresses it… (Proverbs 12:25). How often do we really believe these words, and trust these words? They are for our benefit, not God’s, and will only be as useful as we allow them to be.

One of the prayers that I found to be particularly helpful was given to me in the confessional by a Spanish priest and it is by a beloved Spanish Doctor of the Church, St Theresa of Avila.

Let nothing disturb you, let nothing frighten you,
All things pass, God never changes.
Patient endurance achieves all things,
God alone suffices.

I invite you to memorize this or any of the above Scriptures and recite them often. Share them with family and friends and anyone else who is fret with worry or fear. Make a plaque; write it on your wall, a stickie note, or a screen saver. The moment anything worrisome begins to creep into your thoughts, pray these and know that it will calm your fears, strengthen and protect you.

Life happens to all of us, trials, tribulations, fear… death are all part of the journey. God won’t give us more than we can handle, seriously. We just give ourselves so little credit at times. We are all here on the journey together and more importantly, we are not alone to work it out ourselves. I spoke about my surgery because I knew that together, our prayers are more powerful. Almost every day I would learn of how far away people I barely knew or didn’t even know at all were praying for me, even stretching over continents.

Wow, the Body of Christ coming together for the benefit of the Body of Christ; my suffering for them, their prayers for me. Together we grow stronger.

So stop worrying, it is a worthless waste of time and makes us sick. Give it over to the One who can actually do something about it. Don’t be afraid to ask others to pray for your intentions either, we love to do that, and at times, it is the only worthwhile thing we can do. May you comprehend the peace that transcends all human understanding and the joy in knowing that your heavenly Father really does “have your back.”


Barbara Lishko