I admire those who can speak the truth in all seasons. Those whom I am bringing to mind have a holy zeal that doesn’t allow them to remain silent in the face of untruths. They are bold in their love of the Lord.

Thank you for your witness.

It seems for years that my lips were sewed shut in the face of overwhelming dissent. Part of the problem was that I too was overwhelmed by the unexpected realization that we Catholics were NOT all on the same page in the basic beliefs and tenants of the faith. (big belly laugh from the peanut gallery!) It is an especially hard lesson when one works for the Church. It is there, I feel, that we meet at times, the most resistance. What my experience has shown me too is that “personal theologies” don’t always mesh with Church teachings.

Another important lesson I continue to learn is there may be many ways to look at the same truth. Not that I have gone from black and white to grey, but to realize more specifically, that my measure is not THE measure. My expectations are not God’s expectations, and most importantly, people don’t know what they don’t know. Their family and formation (or lack there of) plays a huge role. The outside voices, (and there are many in our current times), can actually speak untruths, misguided tolerance, and out right lies.

To whom do we listen? Where do we seek truth?

What saddens me most, is we cannot always expect to hear the complete truth from those we should expect to hear it from. Those whose lives are dedicated to work in the Church, those who collect a paycheck from the Church and have a perceived  hot line to heaven, and those who who are at times wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Perhaps it was poor formation, poor role models, decades of misinformation passed down in an attempt to make the load a little lighter on the faithful, to not judge too harshly, so instead hand out lollipops where a good spiritual whooping was required.

I don’t know?

Servant of God, Madeline Delbrel wrote this, “For, even in the midst of a world populated with good people, the goodness of a heart converted to Christ does not resemble other forms of goodness…It demands that we love no matter whom, all the way to the end, and no matter when it may be. It accepts no good excuse for not being good.

Yes the world is populated with lots of good people. What she is writing about I believe, is there still is a distinction between ordinary worldly perceived goodness and God’s goodness and light in someone. What convicted my heart more than anything was this little line, “…it accepts no good excuse for not being good.”

I’ve used a lot of excuses over the years.  What I even felt were good excuses for not speaking up when I should have; even if it meant the loss of a job or a thousand arrows in my heart. I have found new courage again and again when the brave, bold voices of truth do not remain silent.

Thank you for your witness, for it gives us all courage to go and do the same.