Yes, it surprises me too-it is March already. Seriously, it was just Halloween last week.

After hitting the double nickel in December I swear that time has just been accelerated by 55%. Even the people half my age are commenting on how fast this year has gone. What gives?

The other thing I have noticed about 2014, (well two things really), 1-there seems to be a complicated twist to the normal day to day activities. 2-Amazing miracles are popping up everywhere.

Let me elaborate. I have found that an inordinate number of my normal tasks and work happenings are growing in bizarre ways out of whack. For instance what was the normal preparations for a wedding have become more complicated and taken on a life of their own. This apparently is not just happening to me,

There is an elaborate, unexplained weirdness to things of late.

Additionally, I have seen a generous amount of miracles and answered prayers as well, in this new year. This I much prefer to the latter but if one must somehow accompany the other; I assent to the dissonance and paradigm shift.

Well at least for now I do. Who knows where this all might lead in a few months?

So anyone else out there in cyber-land notice these strange goings on?