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Oh Holy Night

Oh light from on high, for us You came,

Shattering the darkness, our ignorance, and shame.

You came as Innocence, a babe in Virgin’s womb,

In poverty You entered, no place for humble child to room.

Angel choirs filled the night sky,

Mountains, valleys, with all creation sighed.

That we may approach Oh Divine, Majestic One,

Unafraid, filthy, and in need of Your love.

May I, on bended knee, beside hay-laden throne,

in hushed and awestruck tone,

Captivated, mesmerized, all alone,

Beg You, one day, take me home.


Why Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

If God, then why bother with humanity, let alone descend into our fallen nature and become one of us? I see the value in what the insect world does, but I would never want to  become one and show them a better way. Yet, God who loved us into being, in whose image we are created has done just that for us. He saw how lost we had become, how far we had drifted from truth, from his love, and from the light. So Light became light to show us the path to true and lasting happiness.

“For Christ, while we were still helpless, died at the appointed time for the ungodly…God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” (Rom 5:8)

That thought alone is worth pondering. Who dies for someone who hates them, ignores them, blasphemes them? We don’t even like to talk to someone who rejects us that out-rightly. In our little sinful mindset we want to let well enough alone . So be it if you hate me, it’s your loss after all. We easily tell folks to “go to hell” and dismiss them as not worthy of our time or attention. But thankfully, God is not like us and is willing to pursue us, be rejected and ignored… all because we are worth dying for.

I don’t know about you, but I want someone to care that much about my well being and eternal destination. I want someone who isn’t going to give up on me even when I give up on myself. I want a being so wise, so loving, so caring, so much wiser than me that He will never give up, give in or go away.

That  is authentic love and true friendship. Unlike the advice of the day that says let people hang themselves if they choose. Do your own thing, I’ll look the other way, even if it costs you your life. Jesus stands in stark contrast to the false friends and says, I care.

That’is Jesus, and someone just standing there at the door of your heart knocking.

Go ahead, open the door. You will never be the same, I promise.

Worthy Resolutions

As I worked on some things at home today, I flipped on Catholic Radio and was amazed at how many outstanding websites, quotes, book titles and free useful tips I got. I was inspired, touched in my heart and gifted in more ways than I thought possible. I had to stop what I was doing several times just to write down all the good stuff.

How about this quote: “Faith doesn’t remove the pain, it gets us through it.

One of the segments I was listening to was quoting from “Three Little Resolutions for the New Year” by Archbishop Gomez. These are the resolutions he suggests in a nutshell. I highly recommend reading the whole article, found here.

Resolution 1: Make Jesus the center of our lives. First thing in the morning and all the way until we close our eyes at night. He suggests reading the Gospel’s and asking Jesus to show us personally how we might change our lives to follow Him more closely.

Resolution 2: Make life better for others. Receive Christ’s love and then share it with others. “By our love we change the world…Love begins with those who make the most demands on us, those who challenge our selfishness.” He states that we need to have more “patience and understanding…giving others the benefit of the doubt…to stop being so judgmental and accept people as they are.” Positive conversations that cut out the negative is another way Bishop Gomez says can make life better for others.

Resolution 3: Forgive others as God forgives us.“We don’t forgive enough…staying angry or resentful doesn’t heal anything. It just makes things hurt longer.” Forgiving others we know is critical to being forgiven ourselves by God.

Finally, he closes with an important reminder, ask the Blessed Mother to help us get to know her Son more this year.

Easy, peasy and easier said than done! I encourage us all to read the full brief article and then add those to our own resolution list.

Peace and many blessings in 2014.