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A Second Chance

It’s been almost three weeks since I was hit by a car riding to work. That’s the day my life took a radical step backwards, and now consists of baby steps forward. On one hand it is kind of surreal, on the other hand, it is very real.

Each day is a new beginning. I’m learning to ask for help instead of doing everything myself. I am a little more attentive to when I need to sit and rest when I have done too much. Even though “too much” is really nothing at all. It’s weird going from independent to dependent.

The thing is people want to help, they really do. People who are hurt just don’t always like asking. I’m guilty of that. I think I am bothering someone, interrupting something important, being too needy. It takes humility to ask, to depend, to let someone do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

Funny how God is helping me work on my pride through all this. I did ask for more humility after all. I don’t think I knew what that meant, or how God might make that happen. God knows exactly what is necessary to  bring about our holiness.

This Easter I really thanked God for my life, for this second chance life. I could be very buried by now. Almost forgotten about, a distant memory on the minds of those that once knew me, a life once lived and then cruelly, unexpectedly taken away.

Instead, I am here. Broken, scarred and bruised, a little worse for the wear; but alive.

Let me not waste this day, this moment, this second chance.

The God of the universe has given me a chance to continue to serve Him even in my messed up state.  Perhaps to spread joy instead of misery, to see life through wiser eyes and a grateful heart.

And if I might just give one little piece of advice to my fellow bikers out there; wear a helmet. Don’t assume cars can see you, don’t cross in the middle of a busy road in the dark just cause you think it is clear.  Be careful out there, or you will end up like me or worse. Motorists are distracted and likely do not see you. If you want to live another day be extra cautious, and anticipate the unexpected.

Alleluia! I’m alive!


Kind of rhym-mie isn’t it? It is part of the “Come Holy Spirit Sequence” said each year on Pentecost. It sounds wonderful and mysterious in Latin, Veni, Sancte Spiritus.

The rest of this particular sequence is this: “Where you are not, we have naught, nothing good in deed or thought, nothing free from taint of ill…”

That little piece packs so much wisdom!

Where you are not Oh Lord, we are blind and lost. On our own we wonder off the path, into the unknown dangerous darkness. Without your light we stumble and fall and get ourselves into all kinds of trouble. Our pride gets in the way, we refuse to ask for help we remain in our sinfulness, ignorance and shame.

We have naught.  “Apart from God, you are nothing” Jesus says. Apart from Him we are cut off from life-giving water, nourishment, aid. Can a branch that has fallen from the tree continue to grow and produce fruit? Christ doesn’t say without me you just won’t do as good as you could, or get as far as you hoped. He says we can do “nothing.” Is He being harsh, exaggerating, or just trying to scare us? Those Christians can be such downers. Jesus is simply telling it like it is. Reality right between the eyes. Not sugar-coated, rolled in chocolate and sprinkles and dressed up pretty to fool us. Nope! Just the whole truth, nothing but the truth and wrapped up in love. The truth sets us free. We recognize the truth. We yearn for the truth to be told. I think we are getting tired of deceit and games.

Lord I need you, oh I need you…every hour I need you.

Nothing good in deed or thought. Only God is good. No God, no good. Think empty wasteland. Zero life, dry, parched producing nothing of worth or value. If we do not have God’s goodness in us we cannot produce good. We lack a key ingredient. No substance that makes the deed worth doing or the thought worth thinking.

Nothing free from taint of ill. Defective, stained from its very origin. Tainted, blemished, without purity of intention or effectiveness. Ruined from the beginning. Sure we can cover the stain,pretend its not there, but it won’t withstand the process and will come out twisted, perverted. Doomed from the start if you will.

It doesn’t end there on this hopeless note.

“…Heal our wounds, our strength renew; On our dryness pour your dew; Wash the stains of guilt away: Bend the stubborn heart and will; Melt the frozen, warm the chill; Guide the steps that go astray. On the faithful, who adore, and confess you evermore. In your sevenfold gift descend; Give them virtues sure reward; Give them your salvation, Lord; Give them joys that never end. Amen”

Yes, give us joys that never end.

Lord I need you, oh I need you…every hour I need you.

Never forget us, never give up on our stubborn wills. Never ever Lord, we need you!

Love Creates

At least one hundred times or more I’ve said, “We are created by Love for love.” While I would love to take credit for such a simple yet profound statement I would be lying and taking credit for someone else’s inspiration.

Caryll Houselander, a deceased  British mystic and poet writes this, “The meaning of Creation is love; God created for love, and what he created is love.” There is so much packed into that short statement it is mind-boggling.

God doesn’t need us.

We were created out of the very heart of Love itself. Incredible when you ponder that. I was loved into being. I was conceived in the mind of Love before I ever came to be. I am wanted, worthy, dignified, precious and priceless.

Guess what? So is each and every one of us.

Yes, even the annoying, the creepers, weirdos, and green-haired people.

Creation is here for us. It is God’s gift. It wasn’t an accident or afterthought or randomly occurring cosmic event with no purpose or meaning. Everything God does has meaning and intention. He doesn’t abandon us to prod around in blind desolation, ceaselessly wondering about the point of our origin with no answer to be found. How cruel would that be?

The answers are all around us. The Artist has left his signature everywhere. In all times and places, in every single face, old and young, lost and confused, painted and twisted. It’s like He is shouting in a whisper barely audible “I Am.”

I Am in your laughter. I Am in the quiet breeze. I Am in a newborns cry and the dying sigh of the seemingly abandoned soul. I Am infused in every cell of your being, every thought you think, every word you speak. I Am! Why do you look in all the wrong places? Why do you remain in darkness? Why do you not feel or notice or care? Why?

I long to tell you of My love. I long to wrap you in Love’s warm embrace, to protect and lead you on road’s never taken. To show you My plan’s for your life, everything I imagined for you if you would but ask, and trust, and let go and let Me guide you.

God doesn’t need the warmth of the sun, water to refresh or wine to soothe His weary soul. God doesn’t require the night to repose, bread to satiate, oxygen to gasp and fill His lungs.

Love created these things for us to enjoy and relish in. How thoughtful, how kind, how utterly generous. A disinterested gift, bestowed on humanity out of His boundless depths. God literally says, “See this lily? I created it just for you”. You were on my mind when I formed the islands, how I knew you would laugh and play on its beaches and take your respite there under this very tree. And God smiled to Himself at the thought of you there.

And chocolate, yes, He thought of me. How many times I would taste and savor and squeal with joy. That made Him smile to Himself at the pure unadulterated pleasure it brings me.

So thank you, Amazing Love.

Thank you for it all. For what I have been blessed to experience thus far; the good and the bad. It has made me who I am and who I will become as the days go by, and the wrinkles increase and my pace slows, and my mind goes.

May I never, never forget Your Love. So as You willed it from the beginning, we may one day be together for all time, and share all the stories You want to tell me and remind me of all the things I never saw or noticed or paid any attention to. You were there in everything just watching and loving me all along.

Devil Business

Saint Catherine of Siena writes, “…what the devil can’t do by himself, he does by using other people…” At times, we humans are attempting to navigate the world in all its storms and confusion on our own. While we are surrounded by the complexity and exquisite beauty created by God, it is important to be aware of a dangerous, lurking menace that lies in wait.

The prayer to St. Michael the Archangel reminds us that the “devil prowls about the earth seeking the ruin of souls.” That is predator language, and yes, it should give us the creeps.  The verbiage reminds us that he actively searches for ways to pull us into his lies, twist our thinking about God and one another, and seeks with deadly precision ways to destroy our souls. The devil has much at his disposal and as St. Catherine reminds us, will even use others if it suits his purposes. If he can get us to “see what doesn’t really exist,” then it is easy for us to misunderstand, limiting our trust in others and in their goodness. “Words lead to actions, and this is how he divides those who love each other.”

Is it just me or is there much more division in the world these days?

What can we do to be a unifying power in our families and in our areas of influence? St. Catherine tells us to have “hatred and contempt for ourselves, opening our mind’s eye to know God and His Goodness…He neither wants nor seeks anything but that we be made holy.” If we place our littleness at the forefront of our mind, and seek to place others before ourselves, we grow in humility and love. Pride puffs us up, which can lead to thinking less of others, becoming paranoid, defensive, and distrustful.

Love unites!

I am  attempting to practice, ‘thinking the best about others’ this new year. This is a difficult task at times. I can quickly remember past experiences, hurts, and betrayals when I hear gossip, and immediately think the worst. It takes heroic strength and Divine assistance for me to have any chance for success in this endeavor.

How have I been doing so far? Not so good.

However, every new breath is a new opportunity to beg for help, and start again. Realize this, God, “allows the devil to cause others to torment and harass us, only to prove the virtues of love and true patience” in us. Why you might ask, would God allow this? So that our “imperfect love may become perfect.”

God loves us too much to leave us wallowing in the muck of our habitual sinfulness. So He let’s the devil do what he does best, by giving us lots of practice in seeking what is good and right and holy. People don’t get good at something unless they have lots of opportunities to practice. How merciful that our Heavenly Father loves us that much.

So while we might get discouraged when we keep messing up, we must remember that our love is proved when it is tested. We are not alone, and never have to go it on our own either.  We have an advocate in Christ, His angels and saints. And not to be outdone, Jesus left us a mother too and not just any Mother, His Mother. Mary is here to help us, desires to grow us closer to her Son, and lead us to heaven. She has loads of grace, all for the asking.

The devil may want us to think we are without any support, especially when we have really messed up and feel that there is no way back to God’s love. Make no mistake, there is an army of warriors in heaven, ready at a moment’s call to battle with us, and fight the good fight.

Never Give Up.

Never Give In.

Never Lose Hope.

You are loved beyond compare!

Just in case you need a little reminder, here is Whom Shall I Fear– by Chris Tomlin,  🙂