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What’s the Deal With Lent?

What’s the big deal anyway with Lent? Why does it matter, isn’t that pa-say, old school, a practice best left in the Dark Ages? What ever difference does it make to give up chocolate, or candy or beer or coffee? How will that make the world a better place? How will that feed starving children, cure the sick, or fill the churches?

Lent is about me and you personally. It is about looking inside myself and seeing what attachments have become obstacles to my relationship with God and my growth in holiness. It is an inward glance that should be penetrating, honest, and intentional.


Because when we each individually take the time to do this, and do it really well; we can begin to see where our faults have become our failings.


Failure to love properly and without limit in imitation of God.

Failure to see that we are interconnected as the One Body of Christ, meaning what I do and do not do affects us ALL.

Failure to realize that this is the journey of a lifetime in preparation for eternal destinations. Heaven and hell decisions are made right here.

Failure to see my hungry, hurting, brother or sister as I busy myself with me, myself, and I.

Need I go on?

This is a time that is a gift given by the Church, if we use it properly to reflect, to change to begin anew.

Yes, I have failed miserably in the past. Lents have come and gone. I have remained the same. It is good to know that I am given lots of opportunities to turn back, reach out, and start again. I invite you to do the same.

Many organizations are offering ways this Lent to help us grow. See if there is something here that might benefit you in your journey to holiness this Lent.

Matthew Kelly: Dynamic Catholic

Sharing Jesus on social media, 2 minute videos to share, sent to your email: #ShareJesus

Daily quotes and beautiful images: Daily Lenten E-Spiration

40 Day Spiritual Workout, Bob Rice

I know there is much more to offer but here is a great start.

Make this Lent count! Grow in love! Grow in holiness! Change the world, by starting with yourself!


Making Lemonade

Today held great promise. I breezed through security, (unheard of). Got right on my flight to Los Angeles and was looking forward to some time with my other daughter and new grandbaby, who could of known or flight would have to be turned back half way there limping home on a single engine? That said, I ended up thousands of miles from where I hoped to be, wasting an entire day in an airport.

So now after missing 4 more flights, I too am limping home, sad,  disappointed,  frustrated.

Such is flying stand-by.  No guarantees,  no matter how good it looks when you make your  best laid plans. Life too is unpredictable. What we do when it gets derailed says a lot about us. I can chalk this all up as an exercise in patience, some personal time,  or as a big waste of 12 hours.

I guess it all depends on our perspective. I think I will look at it all as an absurd in making lemonade, rather than today ending with me as ash.