Dear Struggling Marriages

In my work preparing couples for marriage, I have had to account for the unexpected implosion of a marriage where I was once part of the preparation. Sometimes I hear about the troubles first hand, other times when I see one of them meeting with the Nullity Minister. It saddens me every time when thoseContinue reading “Dear Struggling Marriages”

Marriage Changes People, or Does It

“Marriage changes people, she’s different now” stated the young man speaking about his new wife.  “We lived together for two years, then suddenly”, claims the new husband, “the ring popped on and she changed?” Is she really different, I wonder? Did the marriage really change her? Many engaged couples I meet are already sexually active andContinue reading “Marriage Changes People, or Does It”

When We Get To The Freeway

This summer we had the opportunity to do a road trip together again. It would be the seven of us, packed in the old gray Suburban, just like old times. A few years have passed since we have had the occasion for six hours of this kind of togetherness and I was waiting for theContinue reading “When We Get To The Freeway”

Strangers, Neighbors and Friends

Ever since moving back to Arizona in ’97, we have lived in the same neighborhood; quite a feat these days. Only a few houses were finished back then, and the desert seemed to begin right where our yard ended. We had met on rare occasions, as our homes were being built, these strangers who wouldContinue reading “Strangers, Neighbors and Friends”

Driving in Oven Mitts

It’s that time of the year in Phoenix, when we really do question why we live here. Could it be because it only gets down to ninety degrees at night, or perhaps because massive dust storms hit without warning? I would suggest that it is something more fundamental than that: driving. I had every intentionContinue reading “Driving in Oven Mitts”

Don’t Make Me Get the Spatula

The implements of discipline have changed over time. Back in the old days, some pretty harsh punishment was used to keep one’s offspring under control. I can remember my father talking about the barber’s strap being the preferred “rod of discipline” utilized most by his parents. He was raised in a very strict German household.Continue reading “Don’t Make Me Get the Spatula”