Category: Momentary Inspiration

Why have a national holiday that’s very purpose is gratitude oriented? For all intense and purposes it offers folks a few precious hours to stop, reflect, and  remember that everything is gift. It is right and good to stop and celebrate each other, the bounty and the abundant blessings we all can take for granted more than we would like to admit.

Each moment, each life,

Each breath, even strife.

Each person and place,

Gratuitous grace.

The bed we sleep in, and dawn awake,

The mountain, valley, and tranquil lake.

The snow and rain, every ache and pain,

subtly remind us, our lives are not in vain.

We are wanted and desired,

like precious metal fired,

refined, by purity inspired,

by the ONE who made something from nothing, so long ago.

Realize your worth, and each precious fleeting day

lift your eyes and heart in silence say

Thank you Father, for your generous way

in blessing me today.



“[Jesus] consented to empty Himself and become the hardest thing in the universe…a mortal human being…to enter our daily lives. God walks among us, is so simple we refuse to believe it; it fulfills our deepest yearning and binds us to what has actually been fulfilled” ~King

-It is the hardest thing, being human. It is also the most joyful, painful, amazing and incredulous gift. To savor a morsel of deliciousness, to hear the laughter of a child, to be enraptured by setting sun, to birth and nurse a child…to KNOW you are loved by a Being so ineffable, so merciful and kind is a gift beyond all telling.

What has your humanity brought you today?