A Point of Gratitude

Why have a national holiday that’s very purpose is gratitude oriented? For all intense and purposes it offers folks a few precious hours to stop, reflect, and  remember that everything is gift. It is right and good to stop and celebrate each other, the bounty and the abundant blessings we all can take for grantedContinue reading “A Point of Gratitude”

Strangers, Neighbors and Friends

Ever since moving back to Arizona in ’97, we have lived in the same neighborhood; quite a feat these days. Only a few houses were finished back then, and the desert seemed to begin right where our yard ended. We had met on rare occasions, as our homes were being built, these strangers who wouldContinue reading “Strangers, Neighbors and Friends”

“and the Word became flesh and dealt among us.”

“[Jesus] consented to empty Himself and become the hardest thing in the universe…a mortal human being…to enter our daily lives. God walks among us, is so simple we refuse to believe it; it fulfills our deepest yearning and binds us to what has actually been fulfilled” ~King -It is the hardest thing, being human. ItContinue reading ““and the Word became flesh and dealt among us.””

Cleaning the Empty Nest and Lent

Twenty six years of kids will leave you with a lot of accumulated junk. Lost and forgotten treasures lurk within every box, stuffed in long forgotten tubs and drawers, all for the unsuspecting mommy to go through when the brood flies the coop. They seem to only take the necessities when they move out andContinue reading “Cleaning the Empty Nest and Lent”