What Wives Wished Their Husbands to Knew

My work predominately involves the preparation of men and women for marriage in the Catholic Church, as well as listening to those who are struggling within their marriage. This gives me a particular perspective on some of the common communication struggles that can plague a couple and eat away at their good intentions. My husbandContinue reading “What Wives Wished Their Husbands to Knew”

What Husbands Want their Wives To Know

This piece serves as a follow up from my previous article entitled, “What Wives Want Their Husbands to Know.” While these articles are in no way exhaustive, they are common stumbling blocks I encounter in my work in marriage ministry. Both in the preparation side and marriages in crisis. One young husband stated after reading my previousContinue reading “What Husbands Want their Wives To Know”

Desiring More, Settling for Less

What is it about we humans wherein we want diamonds, but we settle for broken glass? We see this in many areas of our life; jobs, exercise, and relationships to name a few. We want good things for ourselves, meaningful work, a sleek rock-hard body, a learned mind, a happy fulfilling marriage- all of whichContinue reading “Desiring More, Settling for Less”

Good Marriage Prep Matters

In my work preparing engaged couples for marriage, I find myself pondering what might have been different for us, if my husband and I would have been required to take the same prep that is currently offered in the Diocese of Phoenix. While we were married in Phoenix over thirty-eight years ago, the marriage prepContinue reading “Good Marriage Prep Matters”

Is There Something More

What do you do when you feel this inner pull that wants to move your life in a different direction? When the day to day brings you no joy and you get the sense you should be doing something else, something worthy, that somehow has value and meaning. Maybe you just ended up in theContinue reading “Is There Something More”

Dear Struggling Marriages

In my work preparing couples for marriage, I have had to account for the unexpected implosion of a marriage where I was once part of the preparation. Sometimes I hear about the troubles first hand, other times when I see one of them meeting with the Nullity Minister. It saddens me every time when thoseContinue reading “Dear Struggling Marriages”

Oh Holy Night

Oh light from on high, for us You came, Shattering the darkness, our ignorance, and shame. You came as Innocence, a babe in Virgin’s womb, In poverty You entered, no place for humble child to room. Angel choirs filled the night sky, Mountains, valleys, with all creation sighed. That we may approach Oh Divine, Majestic One, Unafraid,Continue reading “Oh Holy Night”