These five little unassuming words by St. Pio of Pietrelcina, (Padre Pio), are as simple as they are powerful!

Pray– God is waiting there beside you, closer than the very air you breathe. Speak, but learn to listen. Ask, but don’t be afraid to act. Trust and surrender, God is in control.

Hope-A light at the end of a tunnel so dim and far away that we don’t always wait for it. Or perhaps, so close and blinding that we ignore it. Never loose hope, because sometimes it really is darkest before the dawn. When hope wains, pray harder!

Don’t Worry-Seriously, don’t! Nothing comes of it. It is counterproductive, stressful, wastes time. When you begin to worry, repeat in your head as many times as you need to eradicate worry; Jesus I trust in you.  He said to say this, He usually means what He says!! Still worrying…go back to prayer.

In the end, it really IS that simple. We try to complicate things too many times. I have seen it work in my own life, yes even with really major things. We have so little control and we need to realize that. Everything is in God’s hands. Repeat after me, “Everything is in God’s hands and serves a purpose beyond our understanding.” A good purpose, a purpose for our good. If you don’t believe in God, then it must get pretty heavy out there all on your own. For that I am sorry. It doesn’t have to be. You need not go it alone in the small, temporal box you may exist in.

This life is but a journey and there is a destination not of this world. One greater than any of us can imagine and I’m going to place my wager there. If I am wrong, I have little to loose. But, if you are…..