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Why Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

If God, then why bother with humanity, let alone descend into our fallen nature and become one of us? I see the value in what the insect world does, but I would never want to  become one and show them a better way. Yet, God who loved us into being, in whose image we are created has done just that for us. He saw how lost we had become, how far we had drifted from truth, from his love, and from the light. So Light became light to show us the path to true and lasting happiness.

“For Christ, while we were still helpless, died at the appointed time for the ungodly…God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” (Rom 5:8)

That thought alone is worth pondering. Who dies for someone who hates them, ignores them, blasphemes them? We don’t even like to talk to someone who rejects us that out-rightly. In our little sinful mindset we want to let well enough alone . So be it if you hate me, it’s your loss after all. We easily tell folks to “go to hell” and dismiss them as not worthy of our time or attention. But thankfully, God is not like us and is willing to pursue us, be rejected and ignored… all because we are worth dying for.

I don’t know about you, but I want someone to care that much about my well being and eternal destination. I want someone who isn’t going to give up on me even when I give up on myself. I want a being so wise, so loving, so caring, so much wiser than me that He will never give up, give in or go away.

That  is authentic love and true friendship. Unlike the advice of the day that says let people hang themselves if they choose. Do your own thing, I’ll look the other way, even if it costs you your life. Jesus stands in stark contrast to the false friends and says, I care.

That’is Jesus, and someone just standing there at the door of your heart knocking.

Go ahead, open the door. You will never be the same, I promise.

Everything New

Driving down the road yesterday I couldn’t help but notice the brilliance of the colors as they exploded in the morning sunlight. The San Diego Reds were on fire, the Palo Verde burst forth green and yellow buds, even the normally dull grey mountains seemed to stretch forth towards the heavens. Everything seemed lighter, more animated somehow.

Spring is here and each day is a new beginning. To be honest, each moment is a new beginning, a fresh start a renewed hope. We can begin again in Lent, start anew, and let all that we are meant to be move in the direction towards that end.

I had a chance to look at the Christmas family pictures the other day and was amazing at the girth of my being. When did all that generous poundage apply itself to my midsection? I know it did not happen over night, rather over years of stuffing whatever I want into my mouth without a second thought. It is one thing to look at myself in the mirror disgusted, cram myself into clothes that are clearly not going to stretch over the canvas of my current self; but looking at photos illuminates reality no matter how I cover it up in the now. I do not seek to be a bikini model, or a competitor in the fitness circuit. I simply want to finally be, the best healthy me I was meant to be.

I want to stick around for the future of my kids, and grand-kids. This week two of our sons got engaged. How fun! Our family is growing. One of the greatest ways we can be good stewards of the life we are given is to strive for excellence in our humanity. To be fully alive, to be all that God imagined for us when he conceived us in his mind. I believe that means becoming the best me, physically, mentally, spiritually. It means I need to be putting the good things God provided for us into the human machine so that it produces the best results. What we eat directly affects many of the functions of the body and mind. Chocolate bars and cookies, does not a brain surgeon make. Exercise, keeps the blood pumping the pressure down and the muscles stretched and strong. Reading and increasing my knowledge will help keep the brain active and alert. Spiritual practices remind me that we are not just flesh and bone but spirit meant for an eternal reality.

This life is only the journey, the true destination is heaven but we don’t get there by accident, or default. It takes work and determination to do good, be good and  make a difference where we are planted. We are to be Christ’s hands, feet, and heart to a hurting world. People need models to follow, leaders to lead and witnesses to observe.

What are we reading? What are we watching and letting into our hearts and heads? How do we treat one another? How do we respond when we are rejected, dismissed, persecuted? Do we turn the other cheek, or flip the bird? Patience only grows when we practice it. Love only expands when we open our hearts to let others in.

I am beginning anew today. I am hoping this time it sticks and it becomes a habit for the whole of my life, however long that might be. I hope to make it something memorable, something worth witnessing and something that becomes a little sign that points to the ONE road that leads to eternal happiness and joy.

Happy new beginnings, happy lent, happy today!!

Making Lemonade

Today held great promise. I breezed through security, (unheard of). Got right on my flight to Los Angeles and was looking forward to some time with my other daughter and new grandbaby, who could of known or flight would have to be turned back half way there limping home on a single engine? That said, I ended up thousands of miles from where I hoped to be, wasting an entire day in an airport.

So now after missing 4 more flights, I too am limping home, sad,  disappointed,  frustrated.

Such is flying stand-by.  No guarantees,  no matter how good it looks when you make your  best laid plans. Life too is unpredictable. What we do when it gets derailed says a lot about us. I can chalk this all up as an exercise in patience, some personal time,  or as a big waste of 12 hours.

I guess it all depends on our perspective. I think I will look at it all as an absurd in making lemonade, rather than today ending with me as ash.

March Forward

Yes, it surprises me too-it is March already. Seriously, it was just Halloween last week.

After hitting the double nickel in December I swear that time has just been accelerated by 55%. Even the people half my age are commenting on how fast this year has gone. What gives?

The other thing I have noticed about 2014, (well two things really), 1-there seems to be a complicated twist to the normal day to day activities. 2-Amazing miracles are popping up everywhere.

Let me elaborate. I have found that an inordinate number of my normal tasks and work happenings are growing in bizarre ways out of whack. For instance what was the normal preparations for a wedding have become more complicated and taken on a life of their own. This apparently is not just happening to me,

There is an elaborate, unexplained weirdness to things of late.

Additionally, I have seen a generous amount of miracles and answered prayers as well, in this new year. This I much prefer to the latter but if one must somehow accompany the other; I assent to the dissonance and paradigm shift.

Well at least for now I do. Who knows where this all might lead in a few months?

So anyone else out there in cyber-land notice these strange goings on?