Hard to believe that today is the eve of Christmas. Without a deliberate intention of reminding myself frequently I can easily lapse into the “everyday” mode of life. It is so easy for me to get caught up in that. Stuff to do, more stuff to catch up on, people to call, dishes to wash, a closet I have neglected for years.

I guess now that I am the ripe old age of 53 I am beginning to realize that one never catches up really. It is all temporary, all relative. Only things of heaven are eternal. The real use of ones efforts, time, and emotions should be directed there.

So today I am going to slow down a bit more, and look forward with constancy and anticipation as our holy Father says. “Advent calls for us to strengthen that interior tenacity, that resistance of the soul that permits us not to despair in waiting for some good thing that is late in coming, but to expect it, indeed, to prepare for its arrival with an active confidence.” We “have a compass for finding direction, we need not fear being adrift…our true hope is founded in the fidelity of God.”

Our waiting does not really end tonight, but we go on in anticipation of that great gathering at the end of our days and the end of time. Together in the great wedding feast of the Lamb.

All these advents anticipate that. May you know great joy these days, may you stand taller, sing more joyfully, and love so much deeper for the feast is not far off!
Blessed and Merry Christmas to all and to all a great day!!