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“[Jesus] consented to empty Himself and become the hardest thing in the universe…a mortal human being…to enter our daily lives. God walks among us, is so simple we refuse to believe it; it fulfills our deepest yearning and binds us to what has actually been fulfilled” ~King

-It is the hardest thing, being human. It is also the most joyful, painful, amazing and incredulous gift. To savor a morsel of deliciousness, to hear the laughter of a child, to be enraptured by setting sun, to birth and nurse a child…to KNOW you are loved by a Being so ineffable, so merciful and kind is a gift beyond all telling.

What has your humanity brought you today?


Mother’s Day

“Mother” a word that strikes all kinds of emotion in a soul. Tenderness, affection, fear, patience, laughter…and unconditional love. Moms come in all shapes and sizes and don’t always have to have children of their own.

All women are called to motherhood and I want to remember those women out there who have been to me, spiritual mothers. Those cherished women who are there when we need them…and don’t. Who “know” our pain, our fear, our heart’s yearnings.  The things that only a woman can understand.

May you know that you are a blessing to all mankind, every bit as if we were your own flesh and blood. Mother Mary is all that and more to all of us and I cannot imagine my life without her in it.

 May you know a deep abiding love and peace as you are remembered this Sunday too.

May 6th, 2011 by Barbara Lishko

It’s a boy!! Five long years of infertility had come to an end. It took a miracle at Lourdes, a lot of prayers, and a hope that never died. I think because I desired to be a mother for such a long time, I find such humor and joy in looking back at the antics of our children.

This year marks the twenty-seventh year that I am honored to be called mother, mummy, mom, or mudder, as I am known of late. This motherhood gig has been one wild ride as evidenced in any of the stories I have been privileged to share with my readers over the last year and a half.

Indulge me as I walk down memory lane and share some of my favorites. These bring not only a smile, but occasionally a wince, to my own lips. In looking back at these moments in my history as mother, I can now laugh. I can assure at the time, they were not quite so humorous.

One of the duties as a parent is “pew monitor and sacramental security guard.” I have, at times, sat in mortified horror as these little angels of mine happily distracted those parishioners in our immediate locale, while I attempted to take the tribe to mass. Sunday Sideshow was my very first published article and seems like the best place to begin.

As any parent can tell you taking the kids out in public makes us cringe in more ways than thought possible. Going to the dentist almost seems preferable. Almost! This story is in fact true and traumatic to this day. I still shudder when that mall is mentioned. Enjoy, Lost at the Mall , I imagine you probably have stories of your own every bit as awful.

Growing-up is an adventure. When our kids were in school I had an opportunity to work at a new coffee house that had opened nearby. I assumed I could leave the kids for a few hours, in the care of their thirteen year old brother. What is it, about assuming? Each time I worked, I would get a phone call from the girls detailing the activities of their brothers. Boys On The Roof was one such call.

Every parent knows that “discipline is not a dirty word,” and part of “mommyhood. Don’t Make Me Get the Spatula shares some of my own discipline foibles.

When it came to homework projects, I often got stuck when daddy was out of town. If it required building something, they were in luck. If numbers were involved in any capacity, they were on their own. Mommies wear many hats. We need not be masters, but just good enough to help make passing grades. My least favorite projects, started with the word “group.” Homework Projects, and Essays, Oh My

Every family recalls those wonderful moments shared in a vehicle bound on the long-awaiting family vacation. Moms, I ‘m convinced, are on a whole different trip than everyone else. We serve as navigator, referee, snack czar, packers and lost item locators. I was all of this and more. When We Get to the Freeway .

Mom is not a mom, without providing and attending to extra-curricular activities for her children. Bugs and Baseball is just one story about such escapades

Mary was the woman chosen to be the person most influential in the life of the Savior of the world. May we as mothers, learn from her gentle humility, generous love, patience and priorities. Imitating her is a great place to begin. May her prayer for us, help us in the difficult times.

May you realize the great gift of motherhood. Know, the immense treasure we are to humanity, and to each generation. When it gets to be more than you think you can handle remember these words from St Paul, “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Happy Mother’s Day.